Rihanna Fashion Trends

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Rihanna Fashion Trends - The pop star blitzed the biannual event with her own unique brand of style.
Rihanna is one of the few celebrities that blazes her own fashion trail,” says Micky Boardman, Paper Magazine and Fashion Week veteran. “She doesn’t feel like she’s styled, even though she has a great stylist: Mel Ottenberg.”
The songstress, who popped up in the Big Apple last Wednesday, has been traipsing through the streets of New York in chest-bearing togs, sitting front-row at some of the hottest fashion shows, and even fueling rumors of a romance with rapper A$AP Rocky — and looking fabulous doing it.

The singer’s style is partly due to the creative eye of American stylist Ottenberg, who also doubles as the fashion editor at Purple Magazine. Ottenberg, who works with fashion’s top, often edgy designers and only a few celebrities, told style.com that his styling signature was “a certain effortlessness.”
And that ethos shines through.

At Alexander Wang’s Saturday show, she appeared sultry in a red number with a plunging neckline.
The next night, she tapped into her inner Goth chick — and solidified the fact that she’s single-handedly bringing back the choker — by sporting a vintage-looking Zac Posen dress with chunky brothel creepers.
Between shows, she kept pace with her killer street style while shopping in Soho and hailing cabs around town.

Often, adds Boardman, “Stars seem to just wear the latest looks and don’t have a strong personal fashion identity. Rihanna is the real deal.
Here are five reasons why Rihanna rocks it:
1. She takes chances.
Who would put on a dog-chain choker with a T-shirt, jeans and an oversize clutch? She does. And she looks fabulous.
2. Nobody mixes casual street gear and luxury like the singer.
With an affinity for cheeky Givenchy T-shirts and high-top Nikes, the Barbadian beauty mixes in less-casual items to take the look from boring to daring.
3. She keeps us guessing.
Whenever Rihanna steps out of the house, she could have a new mullet, red butt-length locks or a new naughty tattoo. Not all of them are winners, but they keep us tuned-in.

4. She doesn’t subscribe to any one designer or aesthetic.
Nothing is too cheap or too expensive for her taste. One day, she’s wearing elegant Zac Posen and Manolos, and the next, a marijuana-leaf-emblazoned clutch and a camo onesie from her collection with River Island.

5. Her best accessory is her attitude.
Always looking like she’s having fun, Rihanna could go naked and still make a style statement.
wadae adsen

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